Meet Jim Malcolm, owner of a long standing franchise system called Enviro-Master Services. Jim is the master franchisee for Enviro-Master in Colorado (meaning that basically he owns a larger territory of about half the state of Colorado). Enviro-Master is a business to business, restroom hygiene franchise. He serves businesses such as restaurants, fitness centers, retail shops, or any place that has a public restroom where customers and employees need to be protected from germs and bacteria.

Before Jim worked with Cindy Rayfield at FranNet in Colorado, he was VP of Sales and Marketing for a local company that designs and manufactures indoor playgrounds. He was looking for something different after many years in the corporate sales world.

“Since 1997, I had been a ‘corporate’ guy, and I had some nice success with that. However, I was itching to control my own destiny, run my own show, and build my own wealth. Ultimately, I wanted to know that each day my success was riding on decisions that I personally made or didn’t make, rather than relying on someone else to make those decisions on my behalf.”

Initially Jim evaluated other franchise opportunities, but ultimately the pieces didn’t line up. When he connected with Cindy, she walked him through the franchise research process. “That included completing her detailed Personal Franchise Assessment. Cindy then presented me with a variety of franchise concepts, but none of them really jumped out. Enviro-Master Services was the one that Cindy felt strongly met my personality and skill set, so she dug a little deeper on that one. She stayed with me and helped me understand that I owed it to myself to research this further, and it tipped me over the edge.”

Jim and his wife, Holly, traveled to Enviro-Master headquarters to meet the team. Exactly a month later, in March of 2016, Jim became an official master franchisee with Enviro-Master. “It’s been a life-changing, but very fulfilling, endeavor for me and my family. I’m confident I made one of the best decisions of my life!”

Jim owns a business that fits his personality (he’s a people person), skill set (his strong sales and management background), lifestyle (he wants his family to live comfortably and build a legacy), and passion (he enjoys being part of the fabric of the community). He does all these things as an Enviro-Master franchisee.

Jim’s advice for finding the right franchise:

“Consider the benefits a franchise system provides: proven business model, infrastructure and ops are typically already in place, other franchisees for support, and a built-in support system. Typically, all the bugs and kinks have been corrected and a proven roadmap is in place. Be sure the business fits your personality, your skill set, your lifestyle, and your passion. Cindy matched me up with a business that meets my goals. Turns out, she nailed it!”