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About Cindy

Cindy worked in Corporate America for over 20 years before breaking the corporate chains in 2001. Early in the business ownership game, Cindy got really good at the “jobby” (turning a hobby into a job) selling artsy crafty items – way before Etsy was even a thing. Since then, she has owned a few different businesses including a copywriting business and a neighborhood magazine business.

Her family now owns a haircare franchise. Cindy loves all things franchising and has been a consultant for FranNet Mountain West since 2007. She drives her family crazy with funny phrases like “recurring revenue”, “semi-absentee ownership”, “multi-unit” and “work on the business, not in it.” Cindy is also a proud Colorado native – that’s sort of a thing if you live there.

I had the chance to work with Cindy while exploring, and eventually selecting, a franchise. I highly recommend her for anyone investigating franchising. She is a consummate professional. It was one of her presentations that got me started. She brings a wealth of experience but more importantly understands what a prospective franchisee goes through and offers very valuable council never pushing to just make the sale. I engaged four brokers and explored over 20 franchises. The process could have been overwhelming but Cindy’s patience and advocacy for my goals was critical and led to my choice to work with one of her recommendations. She listens carefully and proactively recommended other resources that were immensely helpful in the decision process. I found her to be objective in answering my sometimes blunt questions about either the companies she recommended or those the the other brokers recommended. I wanted candor, honesty and patience and she has it all.”

Jeff Reinsma, Product Portfolio/Business Leader, Johns Manville