Tired of Working for Someone Else/Tired of Corporate America

Go ahead. You can say it. You’re tired of working for someone else! You’ve done well, you’ve learned so much, you’ve been loyal, and you’ve worked hard. But it’s become a grind and you know that if you put all that knowledge, hard work, and dedication into a business of your own you could be successful. You could call your own shots from now on.

Chapter One Completed. Now You Are Ready for Chapter Two.

It happened. You got laid off. Down-sized. Right-sized. Pick the word of the day. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? You’ve thought about owning your own business for years but the timing was just never right. It’s hard to leave a career with a salary! But now that’s changed. Maybe it’s true that everything happens for a reason. Maybe your time is NOW.

You Want to Stay Employed. You Would Like to Look for an Additional/Passive Income Stream

You are happy. You enjoy your career. But you also know that nothing is guaranteed. You would like to start planning ahead, be pro-active, in case things change unexpectedly. Could you keep your job and still invest in a business in a more passive way? Could you supplement your income but not have to be actively involved in the business every day? Is there such a thing as a passive/semi-absentee owner business model? Well…as a matter of fact there is!

You are Just Curious

Life is good. The job/career is good. But you’ve always thought about owning a business of your own. They say the best time to look for a new job is while you still have one. Well, maybe the best time to explore business ownership is while you have a steady income! It doesn’t cost anything to look, so why wouldn’t you?

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