Who Are We?


Based in Colorado and Texas, Franchise Matchmakers is a unique team of franchise professionals helping match those interested in exploring franchise ownership with options that are the best fit based on their skills, goals, interests, and financial capabilities. With over 60 years of combined experience in the franchise industry, our team of franchise experts is uniquely qualified to provide education about franchising, as well as help our clients determine if franchise ownership is the right path for them. The icing on the cake? Our services are free to you, the client. We are paid by the franchise companies we work with (hundreds of them!) to help them find qualified, new franchisees.  So even though we are based in three different states, we work with franchisees and franchisors nationwide!   It’s a win-win-win! You get your new business, the franchise company gets you to help their system grow, and we get paid for making the match. Brilliant!


Stacy Swift

Stacy Swift - Franchise Matchmaker Broker

Phone :  303-887-8887
Email: stacy@franchisematchmakers.com

Fun with franchising – that’s Stacy Swift! She’s been around the franchise block a few times. She’s been a part of the franchise industry for over 25 years and has helped hundreds of people invest in franchises since 1996. She has also owned several franchises herself during that time (consulting, handyman, and hair salons), so she knows what her clients are going through when they make a franchise investment. Stacy has also served on several committees with the International Franchise Association. When she isn’t working with clients, you’ll find Stacy on the ski slopes or whacking away at a golf ball. Her latest obsession? Stand-up paddleboarding at Colorado lakes and reservoirs! She’s not too bad in the kitchen either and can pair a mean bottle of wine with pretty much anything.  

Cindy Rayfield

Cindy Rayfield - Franchise Matchmaker Broker

Phone :  720-261-4391
Email: cindy@franchisematchmakers.com

Cindy worked in Corporate America for over 20 years before breaking the corporate chains in 2001. Early in the business ownership game, Cindy got really good at the “jobby” (turning a hobby into a job) selling artsy-crafty items – way before Etsy was even a thing. Since then, she has owned a few different businesses including a copywriting business and a neighborhood magazine business. Her family now owns two locations of a hair care franchise. Cindy loves all things franchising and has been a broker/consultant since 2009. She drives her family crazy with funny phrases like “recurring revenue”, “semi-absentee ownership”, “multi-unit” and “work on the business, not in it.” Cindy is also a proud Colorado native.


Vic Scimo

Vic Simo - Franchise Matchmaker Broker

Phone :  760-505-9417
Email: vic@franchisematchmakers.com

Vic Scimo is a Franchise Expert and for the past 20 years he has helped close to a 1000 people gain control of their lives by owning their own business. His no-nonsense and transparent approach, direct communication style and due diligence process helps individuals navigate through the maze of franchise options to select one that is right for them based on their skills, lifestyle, personal and business goals, interests and financial capabilities. When clients work with Vic, they know that they can trust him and will always get a straight answer. After all, his reputation as a Business Matchmaker has been built on helping people reach their business goals, achieve their dreams and enjoy the process.

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