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A new and exciting group of emerging franchise opportunities are charging into 2022 full force.

So what are the franchise trends for 2022? To begin, for those of you who are not involved in the franchise market and didn’t live through the COVID-era of the franchise industry, things have been very good for the market. There has been an enormous push towards entrepreneurship by in large, with droves of employees either losing jobs or just deciding they don’t want to work for someone else any longer. Many have taken the first steps towards starting their own business and being their own boss.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2021 has seen about 50% more new businesses start in the U.S. than in any year in history. And 2020 is second on that ranking list. In what seems like a bit of an ironic twist, the pandemic has created a whirlwind of entrepreneurial activity and, as a result, sped up growth for many new and existing franchise brands.

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