If you are considering starting a business, whether in our home town of Denver, Colorado or anywhere in the United States, then join the club. It is a club with hundreds of thousands of members who made the decision to step away from Corporate America and enjoy the freedom of becoming their own boss.

As with any new venture, you are bound to have plenty of questions when you consider business ownership as a career path. Where do you begin? How much will buying a franchise cost?  Exactly what industry is the best fit for you?

The good news is that franchising has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of stats and numbers to back up the success rates of franchisees vs. business owners who try it on their own. And even if you are not a number-cruncher, you will still be impressed.

So, here is franchising, by the numbers:


Did you know that there are over 3000 franchise opportunities out there? Amazing, right? When most people think about franchising, they think about burger joints. But there is so much more! However, 3000 business opportunities are a lot to look through, so it might be a wise decision to contact a professional franchise consultant to help sort out those options.


Those 3000 franchise opportunities span over 120 industries. Yes, fast food is one of them, but there are so many that you are bound to be a perfect fit for one. Here are just a few of the industries that offer exciting opportunities:

  • Pets
  • Moving and Storage
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Home Services
  • Business Services
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Art
  • Education

Any of those sound good to you? If not, there are about 110 more!


Wondering if franchising works? Just ask the over 745,000 business owners who have franchises! They will tell you they got a leg up on regular startups with marketing support, vendor resources, financing assistance, and the overall support of an organization that is totally invested in their success.


How much does it cost to start a franchise? Some have startup costs as low as $10,000 and others as high as $1 million+, but the average franchise investment ranges between $100,000 and $500,000. You typically need 25-30% of this investment to be liquid, coming from you.

There is also a myriad of financing options for entrepreneurs who want to open a franchised business. A franchise consultant can not only help you find one that fits in a budget for you, but can also help you discover financing options that are a perfect fit for you.


Are you a veteran? There are over 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses out there. Because of the training they received in the military, veterans make amazing business owners. And the world of franchising is no different.

There are so many franchise opportunities that are perfect fits for veterans, along with financing options that were meant just for them.  Let a franchise consultant help you find the right one for you!


That is the amount it will cost you to hire a franchise consultant. It costs you absolutely nothing to have a professional guide you through the process of choosing, and opening, your new franchised business. They will go through with you the hundreds of possible business and finance options that could be the perfect fit for you. Isn’t that price (Zero!) worth not having to do it all on your own?

Starting a business will be an exciting new chapter in your life. Starting a franchised business can be your best bet for success. Just look at the numbers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Franchise

You’ve got questions about buying a franchise and we’ve got answers about buying a franchise (while we are based in Denver, Colorado we service the entire US). Read our Franchise Buying FAQs HERE

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