For decades, we have all been familiar with franchises that served up fast food. Burger joints, pizza places, sub shops, and more. In fact, the word “franchise” became synonymous with the drive-thru window.

But for those who are looking towards a life of self-employment and become their own boss by investing in a franchise, the options go way beyond fast food. There are over 3000 different franchise opportunities, and most of them are different from what you think of when franchising comes to mind. When looking to buy a franchise in Colorado and the rest of the United States you should consider working with franchise professionals like Franchise Matchmakers to help you find the perfect fit for you.

What activities interest you? Working out? Lawn care? Technology? Helping people take care of their children? There are Denver franchises in all those fields!

Of course, we cannot talk about all 3000 opportunities in this article. But we can show you a few franchise options that might get your wheels spinning. The possibilities are endless, but with some guidance from a professional franchise consultant you will be well on your way to franchise ownership.

Business Services

Are you interested in owning a business that helps other businesses succeed? Then you are in luck because there are plenty of franchise opportunities in this category.

You could own an advertising agency, and help businesses get their brands out there. Maybe computer repair is something that interests you, and business owners could call you to get their computers back up and running. There are also franchises that can help businesses find ways to reduce expenses, and others that will help them with their taxes.

There are many, many franchises built specifically to help other businesses be the best they can be.


Do you want to help kids do better in school? Then you may want to look at a franchise that specializes in children’s education and tutoring. And do not forget about the many preschool and daycare franchises you could look at.

Health and Fitness

The health industry has always been huge, and there are many franchises for sale in this category to prove it!

There are opportunities to help people lose weight, to get them physically fit, and to help them with nutrition.

You can also look at franchises such as tanning and beauty salons, hair care, fashion and jewelry, and other options that help people feel great!

Senior Care

Senior citizens are our greatest assets, and they deserve the best when it comes to care. Luckily, there are amazing franchise opportunities that offer healthcare, medical, and personal services for seniors. These options offer much needed services to the elderly and you will feel great for being able to help them.

Home-Based Franchises

Would you rather work from home instead of setting up a brick-and-mortar? If so, then there are many franchise business options you could look at.

Choices would include financial and investment companies, personal and business coaching, photography, home inspections, pest control, and so many more!

These are only a few categories of the Colorado franchises available, but you can already see that there is so much more to the world of franchise ownership than fast food. If you want to start narrowing the choices down and find your dream franchise opportunity, contact a franchise consultant today!

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