Eric and his wife Michelle are both former athletes. In fact, Eric played professional football for several years. Both are still very active and enjoy attending college sporting events to support their daughter who is also an athlete. Eric and Michelle have worked together throughout their careers, so it made perfect sense when they decided they wanted to look for a business of their own that they could build together and reap the benefits.

For most of their careers they have been responsible for operating and growing what started as a small, privately-owned healthcare business with 30 employees, into a $15 million business with over 140 employees. They know the kind of dedication it takes to run a successful business. But the equity their hard work helped build belongs to someone else—the owner of the business.

They recently came to Franchise Matchmakers looking for a business with some unique parameters. They wanted something that would allow them both to continue working in their current roles while building an additional income stream on the side that they would have the option of moving into full-time in the future if they chose to. Franchise Matchmakers was able to introduce them to a terrific healthy vending concept that gave them exactly what they wanted!

It’s a high-tech concept, with state-of-the-art machines, that operates through a convenient mobile app that will let them know which products need to be refilled so they can coordinate an efficient schedule and have time flexibility. One of the most attractive features? The parent company searches out, and helps negotiate, the locations to “place” the machines!

Eric and Michelle are starting with 8 machines and plan to own 15-20 by the end of year 2. They have the option of adding more machines whenever they are comfortable, so they can grow the business at their own pace. They chose this business because they are interested in working for themselves within a proven industry. They were impressed with what they learned about the training, location assistance, and continued support throughout the process. They are busy people and like the idea of their “employees” (ie: the machines!) working 24×7 and never calling in sick.

At Franchise Matchmakers we love working with couples like Eric and Michelle. We are excited to watch them grow and realize their dream of business ownership!

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