Stacy Swift of Franchise Matchmakers was named one of 2022’s Top Franchise Brokers by as part of its annual round-up of the most popular and effective franchise brokers in the industry.

One of Stacy’s nominators for the award stated: “We enjoy working with this broker, have great communication, and feel like they stand apart from other brokers in the industry.”

Jodie O’Brien of 1851 Franchise sat down with Stacy for an in-depth interview in honor of this important recognition. 1851 Franchise asked Stacy about her experience in franchising, her advice for up-and-coming brokers, and what she thinks every franchisor needs to know to bring in more leads this year.

Watch Stacy’s Top Franchise Broker Award Interview

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About Stacy Swift

Stacy Swift has been part of the franchise industry for over 25 years and has helped hundreds of people invest in franchises since 1996. She has also owned several franchises herself during that time (consulting, handyman, and hair salons), so she knows what her clients are going through when they make a franchise investment. Stacy has also served on several committees with the International Franchise Association.