What Are The Franchise Trends in 2022?

In the world of franchising, brick and mortar businesses will always be a hit. However, there has been a definite shift in future trends due to the recent pandemic.

Many business owners now prefer finding ways to be successful from a home office. And even more consumers feel safe doing business online, or in their own living rooms. Because of this, franchise opportunities in specific industries have become more popular than ever.

Here are a few franchise trends of the future:


As schools are shutting down, re-opening, and shutting down again, online learning quickly became a popular alternative. Schools and tutors alike have been teaching children & adults online over the past two years, and the routine has now become an attractive option for much of the population.

Franchises that focus on educational opportunities will have a bright future. If you enjoy helping people learn and bettering their lives, then consider a franchised business in education.


More than ever, we are a world that depends on technology. Online shopping, websites, apps, video conferencing…they are all more popular than ever. And consumers are looking for businesses that can help them do business online. Finding a franchise that can deliver what a consumer needs in the world of technology could be a great path towards success.


Those with medical issues are finding it more comfortable being treated at home instead of waiting in crowded medical waiting rooms. From online medical consulting, to in-home care and therapy, there are many franchise opportunities available.

There are also franchises that specialize in medical and physical fitness equipment which can be used in the customer’s home.


Food is always the easy answer in the world of franchising. In 2022 & beyond, people are looking for food that can be delivered, or ordered for pickup via an app. Looking for a franchise opportunity that can get delicious food to people at home (or work) will continue to be a popular option in the future.

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