Here’s our take on why we think veterans make great franchise business owners:

The main reason we love veterans is that because of the training they received in the military, they can easily transition to the discipline required for self-employment and business ownership. And many veterans are taking that training and opening a successful franchise business.

So, what are some of the traits that make veterans successful business and franchise owners?

They Understand the Concept of “Team”

When they served, veterans were taught to have their fellow soldier’s back. They knew that others depended on them, and that they needed to depend on others. Their very lives depended on it.

When you buy a franchise, understanding teamwork is optimal. A great business runs on great teamwork. Everyone has a job, and their success is the business’ success. Do we need to say it? There is no “I” in team!

They are Good at Following Systems

The military runs on its rules. When people do not follow the rules, the systems in place fall apart.

When you buy a business and a franchised business in particular, there are systems and rules you need to follow. These systems were developed over months and years to help each franchisee become a success. When you sign your franchise agreement, it is understood that you will follow the systems that the franchisor has in place. This is second nature for most veterans!

Veterans Understand Training

A big plus when becoming a franchisee is that training is part of the package. The franchisor wants you to understand how everything is supposed to run before you open your doors. Why? Because when you carry their brand, your success is their success.

No one understand training more than veterans. Every branch of the military has a strict training regimen. And training is always an ongoing part of being in the service. The same is true with a franchise.

They Can Handle Stress

Throughout their service, veterans had to become experts at stress management. From bootcamp to deployments, they had to know how to keep themselves in check during all kinds of harrowing situations.

When you buy a franchise it can be incredibly stressful. Deadlines, paying bills, managing employees, and dealing with customers can all add up to big stress. While the stress is not the same as when they served, veterans are very suited for these situations.

Veterans are Natural Leaders

Leadership skills are often a requirement when running a business. You must understand your team and know how to direct them through different situations. When business is good, and when it is bad, your employees will look to the owner for leadership.

In the service, the obvious leaders are those who get promoted, but other soldiers also have responsibilities which require them to lead in different ways. Without those skills in place, there is a breakdown in command (and in business).

These are just a few reasons veterans make great franchise owners. There are so many more! If you are a veteran, we thank you for your service. We also want to invite you to contact us with questions about becoming a business owner. Chances are, you would be great at it, and as professional franchise consultants, we want to help (and it does not cost you a cent for our service!).

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