Written by the Franchise Matchmakers Team

3 Tips For Hiring Franchise Employees

Opening a business can be a long and challenging process. When you buy a franchise, however, it is often considered a way to fast-track your way to business ownership. That’s because the franchisor will provide necessary resources like products and marketing materials.

One thing you can’t fast-track is talent. However, you can remember the Three R’s of hiring to help you find, hire, and keep the talent you’re looking for.

1. Recruit the Right People

Because you’re opening a franchise in Colorado and not building a brand-new business, you may have an advantage over the recruitment competition. If your franchise has brand recognition, you will stand out on job boards and recruitment sites. Unfortunately, when you cast a wide net, it can be hard to whittle down the applicants to find the right candidates for the job.

Try getting very specific with your postings without making the job descriptions too long. You can do this by skipping the fluff and getting right into explaining what the job will entail, such as responsibilities, time commitment, and wages, as well as what qualifications you’re looking for in an applicant. However, one thing you’ll always want to include in your job postings is company culture. Including a blurb with details about your company culture can help make sure you’re attracting candidates who are not only a good fit for their role, but a great addition to the team as a whole.

2. Reimagine Hiring Practices

You may be able to request advice from your franchisor regarding hiring best practices and what traits they are looking for in a franchisee to aid you in your search. You can also work with a recruitment agency to bring in more qualified talent, building your confidence when scheduling interviews. However, that doesn’t mean you get off the hook for getting creative with your hiring process.

Consider the qualities you’re looking for in a candidate and then question your biases. Your candidates may bring many gifts to the table that you didn’t account for, and intrinsic bias may prevent you from hiring the best workers. One way to help recruit a diverse and multifaceted team is to hire managers with backgrounds, personality types, and management styles that differ from your own. Involving the chosen managers in the interview stages for all other roles will help you build a well-rounded team.

3. Retention, Retention, Retention

Once all roles are filled and the work has begun, remember that keeping your employees happy is a key piece of your hiring process. Reducing employee turnover saves time for everyone involved—helping you focus on running your Denver franchise and keeping your managers from having to spend time training new employees. Unfortunately, many employers don’t do it well. According to an Employee Benefits Network interview with the Work Institute’s Danny Nelms, “Employers are missing the mark on improving retention for two main reasons. First, employers are not taking steps to understand their unique workforce; and second, they are not using exit interview methodologies that are dependable in revealing the real reasons employees leave.”

Employee turnover can also be expensive. The Work Institute reports that it costs as much as 33% of a worker’s salary to find a replacement. This makes employee retention strategies something you should consider throughout your original hiring process and along the way as your franchise continues to grow.

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