Brian and Rebecca were ready to relocate their family from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of southern California to a smaller, more relaxed location with a true community feel. They had spent family vacations in the Boise, Idaho area and both really liked it, as did their 3 children.

As a family they all enjoy outdoor activities—especially boating and rafting—and just “hanging out at the lake or beach.” They had been looking to relocate to Idaho for a few years, and with all 3 kids excited about that possibility they decided now was the time to make the big move.

Discovering Franchise Ownership as an Option

Brian has spent almost 20 years in the tile and stone industry as a manufacturer’s representative covering much of southern California. He always liked the industry, enjoyed what he did, and wasn’t necessarily looking to make a career change. He started looking for jobs in the same industry in Idaho but wasn’t having much luck.

Brian and Rebecca considered simply taking the leap, moving the family, and hoping to find the right job once they relocated. But then Brian connected with Franchise Matchmakers and he and Rebecca decided to look at the possibility of owning a business of their own.

Discussing Franchise Ownership With a Franchise Consultant

Working with their Franchise Matchmakers consultant, Brian and Rebecca were presented with several franchise options that fit their specific criteria. The one that stood out immediately just happened to be a fast-growing concept in the flooring industry that Brian felt his skills and interests would be a perfect match with.

“After discussing what we were looking for in a business and receiving a list of roughly 7 or 8 options available in the Boise, Idaho market, we noticed one was for a unique concept in the tile and flooring industry. This interested us due to my background in the industry for the past 19 years. After gathering more info on this opportunity, watching some videos on YouTube about the company, as well as listening to other current franchise owners with the company and their positive experiences, we decided this was the opportunity we wanted to pursue.”

How did they know they had found the right business?

“The more we researched the more excited we were about their business model and the opportunity. We started talking and after a few phone interviews they decided they would like to offer the territory to us and wanted us to come to Colorado to meet the team and corporate.”

franchise ownership
Brian Pointing to Idaho

In addition, Brian added:

“After meeting the Founder/CEO and the team, we knew this was the right business for us. The support they provide and the culture they have, made us feel like we were right where we were supposed to be. They were very inviting and friendly and after deep diving a bit more into the company and business model, we were absolutely sold on moving forward with the venture.”

Brian and Rebecca moved quickly after that and the rest is history!

When asked about their future outlook, Brian told us:

“I see this company as a family business and a legacy for my kids. I see the company hitting full stride by year three with my wife Rebecca already helping with sales calls or project managing. I see my daughter and my older son at that point riding along and learning what we do to see if it interests either of them. Potentially by year three I may also be looking to hire a full-time Project Manager so Rebecca and I can focus more on sales calls and landing more jobs on a weekly basis.”

“I will also consider my brother or other family looking to move to the area as options to come work for the company. Within the next 5-10 years I plan to grow the company to be the largest installation company in the Treasure Valley with more employees running crews and assisting in sales. Hopefully this can be with family such as my brother, sister and possibly my kids being involved.”

If you are considering a career change, a move to a new location, or simply want more information on franchise ownership, contact Franchise Matchmakers today. We can help you find the perfect business for YOU!

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