The question of whether experience is required when purchasing a franchise is a common one amongst prospective franchisees.

While beneficial, hands-on experience in the particular industry is not an absolute prerequisite.

There are several key factors you should carefully consider when researching franchise opportunities.


Arranging proper financing is essential prior to purchasing a franchise.

The upfront investment to purchase a franchise can range from tens of thousands to over a million dollars depending on the concept.

Evaluate your current finances and assets to determine what you can contribute. Also research any franchisor-offered financing as well as independent funding sources like banks or private investors.

Understanding the initial and ongoing franchise costs will help determine what makes sense for your situation.

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Ideal location is critical to the success of a franchise.

Extensive analysis should be done to identify territories and specific sites that show indicators of demand for the business model you choose.

The following factors all come into play:

  • Demographics
  • Traffic patterns
  • Competition
  • Accessibility

In some cases, the franchisor may provide site selection assistance.

But independent research is advised to find locations that best match the target customer base.

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Franchisor Support

While hands-on experience is not mandatory, most reputable franchisors provide extensive training and support, even for first-time business owners.

Initial training programs cover all aspects of operations to help get you up to speed.

Ongoing support addresses:

Mentoring may also be available from fellow franchisees. This infrastructure can greatly smooth the learning curve.

Evaluate the franchisor’s experience developing successful owners without prior industry background.

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Purchasing a Franchise – Be Prepared

Buying a franchise without direct experience can absolutely be done with proper preparation.

Seek guidance from professionals to evaluate your finances, research optimal locations, and select a franchise with robust training systems.

Match your own skills and resources to the opportunity and utilize the support systems in place to set yourself up for success.

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