We always talk about why franchising is a great path to business success, and why it is the preferred method of business ownership for many, versus starting a business from scratch. You are immediately associated with a known brand, there are processes and training in place to help you get started quickly, and the support from the franchisor is invaluable.

But what does it take to be a great franchisee? What are some of the traits of someone that can take on franchise ownership and really run with it?

Here is a small list of the traits we think a franchise owner should possess.

Great at Meeting Goals

The ability to achieve goals is a huge trait for any business owner but is especially important for a franchise owner.

The franchisor will have a process in place for the new franchisee to get the business up and running, and for future growth. It is vital that the franchisee has the capability to meet the goals that the franchisor has laid out to create the chances for optimal success.

Leadership Skills

The ability to lead is optimal for a business owner. You will need to be a competent leader in the eyes of your employees to create the atmosphere of confidence needed to succeed.

But beyond that, some of the most successful franchise owners have been strong leaders in their communities. This is a skill that is a plus to master.

Problem Solving

This may be obvious, but we are going to say it anyway.

Even though the franchisor will have your back, and has a fantastic support system, the capability to analyze and solve a problem quickly will help your business in ways that are difficult to imagine. When an issue arises, and can be taken care of quickly, a franchisee will be able to re-focus and continue their path to success.

Sales Ability

We could rename this section “being a great people-person.” As a business owner, a franchisee must connect with customers, vendors, and other business owners daily. Being able to communicate and connect successful will be just another piece of the puzzle.

Do you have to check all these traits off to be a successful franchisee? No. But, if you can work on and master most (if not all!) of them, then it just makes owning that business easier.

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